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Like many Iranians, I started learning the second language – English – at secondary and high school (by secondary I mean what is called guidance school in Iran education system) I did not attend any language institute at those old days. Even at university, I did not take any systematic method for improving my English, however, I was confident enough to sit for TOEFL exam at that time and, considering the facts above, got a reasonable mark. After graduation, following what my sister was doing, I attended a language institute starting from level 9, and since then I have been “involved” with English frequently and seriously.

Till now, I have taken part in so many different classes within about 15 years: regular courses with a variety of methods, conversation classes with native English teacher, writing courses and courses for official certificates from Cambridge University. At times, I took English even more solemnly as my major at university. Moreover, I worked for six years in an international organization where communication and official reports were all in English, and I came into contact with many people in English, in Iran or abroad.

However, I am not a native English speaker, neither have experienced long everyday life in English speaking communities (so far!), nor learnt it in childhood. As a result, although confident about my English, I am at a distance from what I desire for: a “natural” English. It may sound I am too tough to myself. Let’s say, yes. In this issue, I am a kind of perfectionist!

I revive this blog with posts in foreign languages I know (sounds strange!? but it’s true) and my aim is not only writing a sort of diary of mine for maybe communicating with others, but also, practicing, improving and learning.

I welcome any comments of yours to rectify any error, mistake, blunder or solecism, misconception or oversight.


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6 Responses to “Revivified Blog”

  1. thenakedlistener Says:

    I stumbled upon your page with WordPress’ “Next” function. Your English really is very, very good. Indeed, some portions of it are much better than native English speakers. Some points for consideration:

    (1) Your general presentation is recognisably within the academic register – it’s a linguistics concept and it’s too long for me to explain it here. Solution? See my points below.

    (2) If you can cut a word out without destroying the sense, context and literal meaning, then cut it out.

    (3) My own routine that I dish out to people who need to write (for whatever the purpose):
    1. Think
    2. Speak as you would speak
    3. Write as you would speak
    4. Go back and rewrite as you would speak more formally/carefully
    5. Go back and rewrite as you would like to read it.

    (4) Professional writers’ rule: maximum 25 words per sentence, maximum three sentences per paragraph. (My own habit is 20 words and 2 sentences.)

    (5) If you follow the routines (3) and (4) above, it will only take you positively no more than six weeks to see marked difference. (Your writing is good, so I am avoiding the use of the word “improvement.”)

    [I am a native English speaker from Hong Kong. Had been a professional writer, legally trained as a solicitor/lawyer, and now working as a printer. Just thought you might like to know this. Wished my Farsi was even recognisable, though …)

  2. simba Says:

    hey, ur English is excelent. y r u so hard on urself? wish mine was as well as urs.

    miss ya sis

  3. selfexpress Says:

    To thenakedlistener,

    Thank you for the time you spent on reading my blog and
    posting a comment. I found your comment useful.
    I hope you come again and read the posts.
    Your opinion and comments are always welcomed.

  4. thenewcomer Says:

    Vous ecrivez anglais bien, et francais mieux! J’espere je pourrais ecrire francais comme vous… Vous apprenez francais ou? Moi, il ya dix ans j’essayais d’apprendre francais, sans succes…

    mais, je devine que peut-etre votre accent anglais n’est pas tres bien, n’est pas? Ah oui, ca, c’est la grande difficulte de majorite de les iraniens… on dit toujour “de” pour “THe”, et “treeee” pour “THree”. Ca m’enerve!

    Visitez mon blog, mon ami(e), et dites-moi vos pensees…

  5. selfexpress Says:

    c’est evidement pas de “sans succes”! vous ecrivez bien aussi en francais que anglais…

    well, maybe my english accent is not good, maybe, I learned english in Iran not abroad …however, it is not much of my concern now. I would like to extend my vocabulary, and use the most appropriate word in the right place. Usually I do translation from farsi to english in my mind, which is not that good, that’s why I am practicing

    I have already been a regular reader of your weblog, friend…

  6. manifestmagazine Says:

    Salut / Hello

    I am interested in re-publishing some of your posts on Manifest Magazine.

    Please get in touch.


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