Elecomp 2008

The fair starts as I get off the taxi. At the escalator of the pedestrian overpass, two average men give out the crowd a carrying plastic bag containing an advertising letter of a computing company and a decorating non swollen balloon.

On the other side of the overpass, the crowd enters the open corridor which leads into the northern entrance of the grand place of International Fair of Tehran. The corridor is an exposition itself, as usual. The salesmen have spread out their things on the both sides of the corridor, some shouting, describing the goods they sell: small kitchen wares for cutting and shaping carrots or cucumbers or molding purees, hand-made knitted traditional socks or hats, posters, CDs and DVDs of old or recent movies, fake jewelries, semi-precious stones, some old books, nuts, cheep perhaps low quality China-made shoes… almost a kind of anything. Some youths distribute catalogue, brochures and leaflets of the companies in the fair. The crowd usually gets them, give them a look and throw them just away. Therefore, the floor of the corridor is carpeted with colorful papers under the steps of the crowd, in an avant-garde-but-dirty style! – how many trees have been cut, how much ink has been used to create this disgusting collage which cleans the bottom of the shoes of people during 5 days of Elecomp 2008? and of any other similar exhibition?

Nothing has changed in the grand place of International Fair; well, it is uglier than 15 years ago! This big place has tempted its officials to make any kind of construction at any place and any corner of it. There is no harmony, a mess of everything, everywhere. And strangely, there is still a lot of open space in the place. I always enjoy this open space, but not the constructions. I took a look at the plan of the fair and walk towards the hall number 40 in the building called “Persian Gulf”. It is not a new building, I recall about 10 years ago the building was constructed; however, it is still one of the acceptable halls of the place.

It is the last day of Elecomp 2008, and as a result, there are lots of people crammed in front of different stalls. As usual, I prefer not to get close to the stalls and look at the exhibitions of new technical achievements from distance. Well, let’s ask myself, why then I am there? I am there… I am there…, well, it is quite a long time I have decided to buy a laptop, and I imagined I may find a variety of selection in the fair… but, honestly, with my usual habit of avoiding crowded places, I already knew I would fail! Then, I assume, my internal vague intention was to recall those old days of wandering in similar fairs as a young student, and perhaps, to come across an old classmate or acquaintance, although I recall later most of them are abroad now…

Anyway, I wander around two or three halls and assess Elecomp 2008 with my own values from afar: many stalls present some hardware, boards, circuits, racks; generally they are specialized in network solutions. One would find lots of companies providing web solutions and software for quick site building, as well as e-business solutions and e-shops. The market of language learning over phone was hot. So many stalls sell similar software, rarely there are companies selling own-developed new software. Business solutions and financial software are exposed as usual. In two stalls, I find something related to management of office knowledge or something similar (I guess so). Some firms have security solutions. Interestingly, there are stalls presenting the print services on CDs, DVDs, and T-shirts.

With no clear reason, I recall some 18 years ago when experts in one well-known Iranian universities aimed to develop the first Persian Operation System. Even now, I ask myself do we really need such a thing? And even if there is a Persian Operating System, what would be the use? I accept I am extremely pessimist, but I believe nothing has been changed since then. Where are we – Iranians – really standing in the world of computer and technology? And more important, what are we aiming at in this world?

To stay alive in IT market, we need creativity, innovation and imagination. I confess embarrassedly, I see none of them in Elecomp 2008. Even the names of companies are repetitive and imitative. Most of the names are the same names of software products, the name of famous international computing companies or their equivalent Persian translation. Ridiculously funny, I still cannot understand how come we have so many ‘Pioneers’ and “First-runners”: pioneers in electronics and computing, electronics and computing pioneers, network solutions pioneers, software development pioneers, first-runners in Iran electronics industry,…*

*I admit I have exaggerated in this last paragraph, however, it does not make a great difference in reality: our role in the world of technology is hardly more than copying software, cracking programs, and photoshopping – my personal opinion.


2 Responses to “Elecomp 2008”

  1. thenewcomer Says:

    OMG- how many languages do you know??????

  2. selfexpress Says:

    mmmm, one here, one there,… two more others at far…mmmmm literally it may make 5 just for you ! maybe even more, I should count… 😉

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