Ostracised … Australi-azed

I confess it was the first time I came across the formal word ‘ostracised’; and I hope I got the sense of that correctly. Dictionary presents the sentence below as the example : « Their children were ostracised by teachers and pupils alike » I can feel extreme sadness of the sentence above as it is what I felt frequently in some periods of my life in my own country, and in the past couple of years, specially in 2007, that horrible feeling increased its strenght. Without doing anything bad, anything harmful, anything illegal, any crime, I just had the horrible feeling of being cast away – just feeling. However the feeling was enough to take all your energy and optimistic view at life.*

Getting ‘Australi-azed’ was an spontaneous reaction to that feeling of ‘Ostracised’

There is always a group of reasons which makes us to take a particular action, and immigration is not an exception. Actually, after a long time reflecting on what subject and how I should write a new post, this is the simple way to say, now I am in Australia, and with that, update my blog after a long while.
So many things happened in between, before departue, during flight, after arrival, and all these days. New wonderful environment, potential facilities and opportunities, challenging the facts always taken as granted, worries about future, planning, worldwide economic crisis… Yes, life is going on, ostracised… australi-azed…make no difference.

*obviously there are concrete reasons for this kind of feelings. I do not want to share and analyse them here as I prefer to avoid making my blog a misrable pesimistic negative political sociological psychological anthropological …al …al …al manifest toward life.


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