Age – episode 2: Judy

I don’t know Judy. She is not my friend or colleague. I just met her once in a party. The party was a farewell gathering among some colleagues. Judy is the mother of one of those who were leaving.
I had heard a story that once Judy provided a supporting shoulder, a motherhood relief, for somebody, somehow stranger, who desperately needed emotional support. That’s adorable, however, does not amaze me. What is interesting about Judy is that she decided to replace her daughter’s position at work. She decided to be trained for a complete new job, in order to carry out her daughter’s duties as a part-time work. And the point is that Judy is 61 years old.
I come from a country that age plays an important role in many aspects of life, especially for women. Unfortunately, I am like others, my age is something always in my mind. There are so many things in Iran reminding you of your age, and its imposing limits. If you are in your mid-thirties, you have already faced restriction in employment opportunities. There are age conditions in postgraduate scholarships of universities in Iran. If you are not married, there is already rumors around you that you probably suffer from a disease or there is something wrong with you! In such cases, if you are a woman, other women behave as if you are a possible risk, threatening their marriage by trying to seduce their husbands (I remember the mother-in-law of a friend has recommended her short after wedding that it’s time to avoid her single girl friends or at least restrict her social life with them). Over fifties should be worried about children in-laws or grand ones. In best cases, let’s enjoy retirement; why bothering starting something, anything new? The most optimistic view is if you are over 60, and you still wear colorful dresses and go jogging in the morning and are concerned about your health, you are considered a “cute” elderly.
Yesterday, there was a report on TV about the women reaching or passing 40s. They were talking about re-planning their life and experiencing new things. Some were talking about having a child. That reminded me of a 40 year old female swimmer participated in the past Olympics. It was her 4th or 5th Olympics. She got silver medal, I suppose (look at for correct and more info).
I know Judy is using a sort of connection to start a new job. If her daughter was not already working there, and if the employer was not so generous and kind, she would not probably have such opportunity. However, it is admirable that Judy, herself, uses this opportunity at 61. So far, I have not seen any age limit in employment advertisements or study opportunities here (there is sometimes a senior/junior classification, which seems to separate wage categories for those over/under 18). I have no idea about hidden rules in practice. In theory, in this country, it is said that such conditions about age is a kind of discrimination.


2 Responses to “Age – episode 2: Judy”

  1. s Says:


  2. kyghobad Says:

    فکر میکردم فقط اسمتون چون لاتین بود نتونستم بخونم حالا میبینم وبلاگتون هم چون انگلیسیه نمیتونم بخونم
    داشتم پست چایی خوردن از پشت یک سوم رو یه بار دیگه مرور میکردم تا وبلاگهایی که سایرین میخونن رو سر بزنم که کامنت شما رو مجددا دیدم و لطفی که نسبت به من داشتید .
    شانسی روی اسمتون کلیک کردم سر از اینجا در آوردم .از فرصت استفاده کرده و مجددا ازتون تشکر میکنم.
    اگه وبلاگ فارسی دارین خوشحال میشم آدرس بدبد استفاده کنیم .ممنون

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