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September 11, 2008

Like many Iranians, I started learning the second language – English – at secondary and high school (by secondary I mean what is called guidance school in Iran education system) I did not attend any language institute at those old days. Even at university, I did not take any systematic method for improving my English, however, I was confident enough to sit for TOEFL exam at that time and, considering the facts above, got a reasonable mark. After graduation, following what my sister was doing, I attended a language institute starting from level 9, and since then I have been “involved” with English frequently and seriously.

Till now, I have taken part in so many different classes within about 15 years: regular courses with a variety of methods, conversation classes with native English teacher, writing courses and courses for official certificates from Cambridge University. At times, I took English even more solemnly as my major at university. Moreover, I worked for six years in an international organization where communication and official reports were all in English, and I came into contact with many people in English, in Iran or abroad.

However, I am not a native English speaker, neither have experienced long everyday life in English speaking communities (so far!), nor learnt it in childhood. As a result, although confident about my English, I am at a distance from what I desire for: a “natural” English. It may sound I am too tough to myself. Let’s say, yes. In this issue, I am a kind of perfectionist!

I revive this blog with posts in foreign languages I know (sounds strange!? but it’s true) and my aim is not only writing a sort of diary of mine for maybe communicating with others, but also, practicing, improving and learning.

I welcome any comments of yours to rectify any error, mistake, blunder or solecism, misconception or oversight.